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The proposals to redevelop 1 Blackhorse Lane (formerly The Standard Music Venue) are brought forward by The Collective. The Collective is a developer, operator and long-term stakeholder in the communities that we invest in. Our mission is to build and activate spaces that foster human connection and enable people to lead more fulfilling lives. We do this through engaging with local communities to create, deliver, and operate mixed use places built around sharing economy based models, community cohesion, and operational excellence. Our first co-living community, The Collective Old Oak, with 546 rooms has been occupied since 2016. We currently manage two buildings in London and one in New York with coming developments in London, Berlin and Chicago.

Subject to planning permission, construction will start in summer 2021. We anticipate the new building to complete in summer 2023 with the new cultural venue opening in summer 2023.

The Standard had been a fixture of the social life of the local area and therefore re-providing a best in class cultural venue is at the heart of our proposals. Redevelopment of an underused site in a highly accessible location will deliver a truly mixed-use development that will create a destination and bring vibrancy to the area. In addition to the cultural venue, there will be two publicly accessible cafe/bars and a new public lobby with exhibition space. As part of the development, we will include Community Investment Programme for The Collective Blackhorse Lane. This programme will include a range of initiatives and partnerships with local groups and organisations.

Co-living can be broadly described as non-self-contained market housing with shared communal amenities. Co-living accommodations are high-quality, purpose-built and professionally managed buildings that create a shared living experience through the provision of well-designed spaces and a sense of community. Policy H16 of the Draft New London Plan supports the delivery of large-scale purpose-built shared living (co-living) developments and explains that it contributes towards housing delivery targets. Under Policy H16, co-living is defined as large-scale purpose-built shared living developments with at least 50 rooms, which in planning terms are sui generis non-self-contained market housing. Co-living is seen as providing an alternative to traditional flat shares and includes additional services and facilities. It aims to provide a housing option for single-person households as an alternative to house shares and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).

The proposed co-living rooms will range from 18 to 36 sqm. This includes 10% of the larger rooms capable of accommodating wheelchair users. These private spaces will consist of a bedroom with an en suite bathroom and a small kitchenette, and would offer more private space than a typical house share.

Outside the private space, the co-living areas are designed to be more than just living, kitchen and dining rooms as found in traditional house shares. Our proposals will provide future residents with a communal kitchen, library, laundry, co-working space, roof-top terrace, relaxation and entertainment spaces.

A Construction Management Plan will form part of the planning application and provide details on how we will manage the construction and mitigate the potential impact. This will take account of the development currently taking place in the surrounding area. During the construction phase, a dedicated construction liaison officer will be appointed to answer any enquiries and concerns nearby resident might have. We will also provide regular updates on the construction process.

Being opposite Blackhorse Lane Station, the highly accessible location allows the development to be car-free, aside from 2 accessible car parking spaces available to Blue Badge holders. Delivery and servicing of the new building including the music venue will take place from within the site via a dedicated servicing route which enables vehicles to enter and exit the site in a forward gear. To promote sustainable travel, 208 cycle parking space will be provided for future residents and visitors to the cultural venue. This will include 150 residential long-stay spaces, 8 residential short-stay spaces and 50 spaces of the cafe/bars and new cultural venue.

We are keen to hear from as many local stakeholders as possible before submitting the planning application to the London Borough of Waltham Forest. We will use your feedback to help shape the proposals. As part of the planning application, we will be preparing a Statement of Community Involvement report detailing how the proposals have responded and taken consultation feedback into consideration.

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