Our Proposals at a Glance

We are looking to bring forward a mixed-use development and redevelop the site with an exciting vision to re-provide a cultural venue at the gateway of Blackhorse Lane. Our proposals will include 300 co-living rooms, a replacement cultural venue, a vibrant public café/bar space at ground floor and significant public realm improvements. The Standard had been a fixture of the social life of the local area and a creative beacon for the Waltham Forest community. Providing a best in class cultural venue is at the heart of our proposals. The Collective Blackhorse Lane is being designed with a new replacement venue that will bring additional vibrancy and world class talent to the neighbourhood. The proposals comprise:

  • A new cultural venue
  • A public café, bar and events space
  • 300 co-living rooms
  • Curated events programme for future residents and the local community
  • Substantial increases to pavement width at street levels
  • A Community Investment Programme for local groups and organisations

The Site and its History

The site of the former Standard Music Venue sits opposite Blackhorse Road Station at the junction of Forest Road and Blackhorse Lane. Although The Standard was more well known for being a gig venue in the 1990s, it had been part of the area’s social life for over 150 years. It began life as a beer house in around 1840 and was originally named the Royal Standard. By the 1970s, the Royal Standard was a popular entertainment venue with residencies such as Danny La Rue and Mike Reid. The weekly talent competitions attracted impressive prizes of £500 in the late 1970s. New management took over in the 1980s and transformed the pub into a renowned rock venue. Artists such as Susie Quatro and Iron Maiden played there in their early days. The pub was renamed The Tryst in 2000 while the music venue retained its name as The Standard. The Standard was closed following years of decline and the final gig took place in December 2011.

Planning Context

Blackhorse Lane is identified as a key regeneration area in both the Mayor’s Upper Lee Valley Opportunity Area Planning Framework, and the Council’s adopted Core Strategy. The Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan vision includes creating a mixed-use area comprising a range of housing, interspersed with small-scale local businesses, commercial spaces and public open spaces. The Area Action Plan has placed particular importance on the need to re-provide a venue capable of hosting live music at the Standard site. In addition, the site is recognised as a potential key contributor towards the creation of a vibrant and active frontage for the Blackhorse Lane neighbourhood.

About us

The Collective is a developer, operator and long-term stakeholder in the communities that we invest in. Our mission is to build and activate spaces that foster human connection and enable people to lead more fulfilling lives. We do this through engaging with local communities to create, deliver, and operate mixed use places built around sharing economy based models, community cohesion, and operational excellence. Our first co-living community, The Collective Old Oak, with 546 rooms has been occupied since 2016. We currently manage two buildings in London and one in New York with coming developments in Dublin, London, Chicago and Miami.

ACME is based in London, Berlin and Dublin. Projects extend across scales and disciplines, from contemporary architecture and urban planning to interior design and product design for private, corporate and public clients. Since its founding in 2007, ACME has worked on over 220 projects in 25 countries, across a wide range of functions – from palaces to parks, offices to museums, bridges to shopping centres, housing to sports facilities, car parks to power stations.

DP9 is established as one of the leading expert consultancies in planning, development and regeneration in the UK. Formed in 2004 the consultancy was specifically created to focus on advising on some of the largest, most complex and challenging development projects in London.

Sound Diplomacy is the global leader of the Music Cities movement. The consultancy has worked in over 50 cities in 25 countries, and with over 85 clients, spanning public, private and third sectors, such as the Greater London Authority, City of Cardiff, Ville de Lausanne, City of Brisbane, City of Vancouver, and UNIDO.

Kanda are community engagement specialists who are passionate about regeneration and place-making. Kanda use their breadth and depth of experience to work intelligently and imaginatively to get the best results for developers, decision makers and communities.

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