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Thanks for taking the time to view our proposals for The Collective Blackhorse Lane. We have now submitted a planning application to the London Borough of Waltham Forest. In this virtual exhibition, you can find out more about the details of our submitted proposals for The Collective Blackhorse Lane.

Aerial view of the existing site

Artist’s impression of the proposed building

Our vision is to deliver a mixed-use and community-focused building that will provide a new cultural destination together with high-quality co-living rooms and vibrant amenity spaces. Here are some key facts about our proposals:

The Collective Blackhorse Lane will be a community-focused building and will provide a number of significant benefits for the local area including:

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A New Cultural Destination

The Collective Blackhorse Lane will support the borough’s cultural strategy through the creation of a soulful destination for London that will be home to the world’s leading musicians, artists and creatives. The Standard was previously a renowned cultural asset to the local community and was well-known for its live gigs. The delivery of a facility which can support and promote local and global talent is our top priority. The new venue space at basement level will host a range of music, arts, comedy and community events, providing an opportunity for a rich and diverse cultural and performance offering. On the ground level, the new public café and bar will animate the local street scene. As part of the planning application, we have developed a venue strategy with specialist consultancy Sound Diplomacy to ensure the new space will meet operational requirements and the needs of future users and audiences. This will also ensure the building is designed with best-in-class facilities, security measures and sound proofing. The development will be run in line with a well-considered operational management plan.

Artist’s impression of the proposed building

Layout of the music venue

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Creating New Homes

Our proposals will include 300 privately rented co-living rooms based on single occupancy.

Co-living is an alternative housing offer that prioritises communal living – providing private bedrooms set amongst shared facilities such as kitchens, libraries, lounges, studies, gyms and dedicated outdoor spaces. Co-living provides purpose built, professionally managed buildings that offer residents a high-quality flexible living experience. This is done by creating well-designed spaces which offer a sense of community.

A co-living room is well designed and includes everything one could need for exciting urban living including an en-suite bathroom, kitchenette and eating area.

A typical co-living unit

Whilst both operate on the basis of a shared economy model, co-living is purpose built shared living and includes a much higher standard of shared amenity spaces alongside an animated events programme for all residents and the local community. Unlike traditional house shares, the shared space of co-living is specifically designed to promote social interaction and maximise the wellbeing of occupants.

Outside the private space, the shared living areas are designed to be more than just living, kitchen and dining rooms as found in traditional house shares. Our proposals will include the following amenities for future residents:

Illustrative view of the lobby

Illustrative view of the kitchen

Communal spaces at our developments

Co-living accommodation specifically caters to people who appreciate a communal experience with flexibility, convenience and hassle-free living arrangements. Our co-living buildings are designed to provide high-quality shared living opportunities which are both affordable and accessible. Residents at The Collective’s existing development in Old Oak range from 18 to 70 years old and have a wide range of backgrounds, incomes and occupations. Compared to flat sharing, our residents can have at least 20% savings on expenditure through the all-inclusive payment which covers all the services and facilities such as gym use, cleaning and utility bills. At Blackhorse Lane, we will market all our rooms exclusively to local people living and working in Waltham Forest for the first six months. This includes local residents, people working in the creative industries, key workers and employees from local businesses.

The Collective Blackhorse Lane will play a key role in meeting the local housing needs by providing homes in a well-connected location. The rooms are based on single occupancy and will complement the emerging new living community that is currently being created in the local area. The Collective Blackhorse Lane will also free up other housing stock, such as family housing, to meet the demand from larger households.

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Creating a Sense of Community

The Collective’s focus is on nurturing our spaces from the ground up. We will focus on working closely with our neighbours to ensure that the community has genuine influence over how our spaces within The Collective Blackhorse Lane are used. From the outset, we will promote an open-door policy so that we can work closely with residents, businesses and charities to create a sense of local ownership and meaningful participation within and beyond our building.

Events at The Collective Old Oak

All our buildings have a curated events programme to promote a sense of community. The programme is flexible, and events can be run by members from the local community and supported by our events team. The diversified event offerings include themes such as nutrition, health and wellness talks and workshops, business support, yoga, art and music classes. In addition, our proposals for The Collective Blackhorse Lane will include a dedicated Community Investment Programme. Over the past few months, we have been meeting with various community groups and organisations in Waltham Forest to discuss our proposals and initials ideas for the Community Investment Programme. This programme, currently being drafted, will include a range of initiatives and partnership ideas with local stakeholders. Some of our initial ideas include offering free performance space to local groups and providing temporary accommodation for local youth in need. Our initiatives could include working with charities to find opportunities for groups to use our spaces and facilities regularly free of charge or providing job opportunities and apprenticeships directly to young people in the local area. We welcome the opportunity to establish more partnerships and collaborate on great community initiatives. Please get in touch with us if you want to put forward some ideas and suggestions.

Our community partners

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Building Design

Artist’s impression of the proposed building (view from Forest Road)

The accessible location of the site at the gateway to the Blackhorse Lane regeneration area presents us with an opportunity to create a unique and iconic building. This reflects our ambition to create a vibrant community asset and cultural destination in the local area. The current and evolving building design is a result of exploring a variety of different options and design inspirations. The entrance for the new cultural venue will be located on the corner of Forest Road and Blackhorse Lane. The design will provide an inspiring point of arrival for the Blackhorse Lane neighbourhood.

Inspirations of industrial heritage

Our proposed building will be 9 storeys (ground + 8 storeys) including a basement level where the new cultural venue will be located. The entrance for the new cultural venue will be located on the corner of Forest Road and Blackhorse Lane, while the entrance to the public lobby will be on Blackhorse Lane. The design will provide an inspiring point of arrival for the Blackhorse Lane neighbourhood. The public bar and café will be placed at ground level to maximise public accessibility and animate the local street scene. The pavement width will be increased to provide a more comfortable pedestrian experience. There will also be an opportunity to link the cultural space at basement level to the new café/bar uses at ground level. In addition, we are working closely with the Council and specialist consultants to ensure that the operation of the venue, bar and cafe minimises any potential impact on the local area due to noise or licencing hours. We will be provide more detail on the operational arrangements in the forthcoming planning submission.

Facade details

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The Local Economy

The Collective Blackhorse Lane will provide a significant contribution to the local economy. Based on our estimation, the building will support 45 jobs associated with servicing and operation of the accommodation, music venue, bar and cafe. 175 jobs will be created during the construction period. The offer on the site will add to the exciting cultural offer that is currently growing in the Blackhorse Lane neighbourhood including the forthcoming breweries, eateries and event spaces.

Entrance of the proposed building

Blackhorse Lane

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Traffic and Connections

Being situated opposite Blackhorse Road Station, the highly accessible location allows the development to be car-free, with the exception of two accessible car parking spaces available to Blue Badge holders. The proposals strongly promote sustainable travel options and include a substantial number of internal and external secure cycle parking spaces for residents and visitors, alongside an on-site cycle hire scheme and cycle workshop for residents. The design of our scheme has taken into account the ongoing improvements at the junction. We are working closely with Waltham Forest Council to ensure our proposals complement the Council’s improvements to cycling infrastructure at the Blackhorse Junction. This will include setting back our building at ground floor level on the Forest Road and Blackhorse Lane frontages to provide a more comfortable pedestrian experience. Delivery and servicing of the new building including the music venue will be made at an off-street servicing bay on Blackhorse Lane. In addition, two blue-badge parking spaces will be provided.

Access points of the building

Blackhorse Road Station

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Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to look through our virtual public exhibition for The Collective Blackhorse Lane. We believe that our proposals will provide a great opportunity to deliver an exciting new cultural venue, new homes and jobs for the area.

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